Fresh Air Rug Drying: Step 5 to a Cleaner Rug

Slowly and evenly drying your rug is key to superior rug cleaning. There are two ways that rugs can be dried.  Most rugs are hung, but depending on their construction some rugs must be dried flat, and in that case would require blocking to ensure your Oriental or specialty rug does not shrink or lose shape.

Hang Drying Rugs

Hanging your area rug for drying is the most efficient and quickest way to rid all of the moisture that their deep fibers hold on to. All rugs are hung on our custom drying rack with fans directly drying and circulating fresh air all around your rug.  Our rug drying times depends on the individually selected method we chose to clean it with, as well as the materials and construction it’s made of.

Flat Drying Rugs

Although most rugs can be safely hung for the drying process, there are some that require drying to be done flat.  These are usually the rugs that have a chance of:

We utilize our special station in which fans direct the air over the surface and underneath the rug.  As you can imagine, the decreased airflow around the rug compared to a hang dry…increases the time it takes to dry.  It is definitely worth the extra drying time because the damage of hanging a rug that needs to be dried flat in some cases is irreversible.

Rug Blocking

Sometimes no matter how safe a rug is cleaned they may have a tendency to shrink down which usually occurs on the ends of the rug.  To combat this, we must block out your rug to ensure the same size after it has dried.  We’ve even had success blocking rugs that have been previously shrunk by carpet cleaners with little or no experience with fine Oriental rugs.