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Serving Bend, Redmond, Prineville, Tumalo, Sunriver, LaPine, and Sisters

Guarantee Rug Cleaning provides the Bend Oregon area with professional, quality rug cleaning and restoration services. We also provide FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY!

At Guarantee Rug Cleaning, we understand that your delicate fabrics are an expensive investment that can last up to 150 years or more with proper care and attention.

That’s why we ensure that your area & oriental rugs are carefully treated by our certified, trained rug specialists in our unique plant using our powerful yet gentle hand washing process. It’s powerfully soft on your investment textiles.

Your oriental and area rugs are not just art treasures; they are also very valuable investments. That’s why we clean them with so much care and attention to detail.

Utilizing the basic elements of air and water, we customize the cleaning process for the needs of each individual rug. With patented tools and equipment designed specifically for the cleaning of oriental rugs, we provide a thorough and effective- yet gentle, cleaning process. Depending on the particular fibers, dyes, soils, and construction of the rug, we’ll draw from the cleaning techniques described below:


Each rug is inspected as it arrives at our Bend plant. We examine all areas of the rug including the fringe, main body, and the edges. We also determine the type of fiber and dyes, and select the most effective method to clean your rug.

Dry Particulate Removal:

We remove solid particulates that get trapped deep down in the rug using gentle sonic vibration.
One characteristic of wool is that the fibers are capable of trapping 10x the amount of dry particulate of synthetic rugs. It’s truly amazing how much gritty, sandy, dry particulate is removed in this process. Two quarts of particulate is not uncommon to vibrate from a 9×12 wool rug!

Pre- Vacuum and Extraction Cleaning:

After the vibration process, we continue to remove as much dry soil as possible with a thorough pre-vacuuming. Each rug is tested for colorfastness before cleaning, and we only use cleaning solutions that are safe and designed specifically for your type of rug. We will then thoroughly wash your rug using a special temperature/pH monitored process.

Fringe Cleaning:

We hand clean all fringe literally strand by strand. In fact, we’ve been awarded national recognition for the quality of our personalized fringe cleaning!

Dry & Detail:

After your rug has been thoroughly cleaned and rinsed, we hang your rug in our specialized drying room. After your rug is thoroughly dried, we perform a post-cleaning inspection to ensure that your rug is cleaned to perfection. After your rug passes our strict standards, we roll it up, seal it in cellophane and return it to you.Your rug can either be picked up at our facility or delivered to your home, whichever

  • Guarantee Area Rug Cleaning is the only true hand wash rug cleaning facility in Oregon- East of the Cascades.
  • Our clients are so happy with our service, we have several who have moved away and still ship their rugs to us to be cleaned.
  • We routinely have rugs in our cleaning plant shipped from cities as far away as Denver, Scottsdale and San Jose to name a few.

Free Pick-Up & Delivery:
Our friendly, licensed/bonded/insured technicians will come to your home, carefully move whatever furniture you may have on your rug, roll the rug and place it in our delivery van, and then carefully reposition your furniture.

Upon delivery of your rug back to your home after cleaning, we will again carefully move your furniture, meticulously place your rug (so that it is exactly where you want it), and then carefully reposition your furniture.

Free Quotes:

We are happy to come to your home and give you an exact quote for the professional cleaning of your rug(s).