David Hart, CEO & Publisher


As an inventor and educator, my goal is to increase public knowledge of the sciences and promote a realistic, scientific approach to life as opposed to living in a dreamworld fabricated by misconceptions.


  • Industry magazine articles.

    Cleanfax Magazine, R & R Magazine, ICS Magazine.

    I’ve authored several articles on the topic of professional HVAC duct cleaning for the 3 leading industry publications.



  • Founder/CEO

    – Present (2 years)

    OzoGen- a division of RamAir International is the next generation of professional ozone generators.
    LCD timer, LED indicator and patented SpacePlate corona discharge system backed by the best warranty in the industry, the OzoGen 10kV High Output Ozone Generator is the most powerful compact ozone generator in the world producing 6x the ozone of similarly size and priced generators.

  • Founder/CEO

    RamAir International, Inc.
    – Present (7 years 6 months)

    Inventing, designing, prototyping, testing, marketing, tech support.